Scary Maze Game

Try to reach the goal without touching the walls. How steady is your hand? Let's find out! Try and beat all four levels!
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Maze game Instructions:
Use your mouse to sail the blue point through the maze. If you touch the wall, your game is finished. There are two hints that will serve you complete this maze. One, turn your volume up so that you'll recognize when you're getting too close to the walls of the maze. If you touch a wall, your game will end. The sound helps keep you a healthy distance from the wall. Two, when you go through a marginal passage, lean a little bit closer to your monitor in order to see the edge of the walls. Enjoy this scary maze game.

More About Scary Maze Game


There are a number of favorite games that have made a special place for themselves on the internet. Today, no can deny the fact that millions of internet visitors are there because they are keen on playing some of the best games that are available on the internet. There are literally hundreds of such games and one such game that is becoming extremely popular is known as scary maze game. There are many levels in this game which make it very interesting amongst hundreds of players. The ending of most of these games is highly unpredictable and the best way to understand the beauty and attraction of this game is to play the game at least a few times. The basic objective of this game is to ensure that you get the small pixel to the end of the maze without touching the walls that come in the way. Though at first sight it looks quite easy, it is not as simple as it appears. There is a lot of coordination and concentration required to make the best of this game and that is perhaps the reason for the ever growing popularity of scary maze game. The game is totally filled with fun and there are quite a few twists and turns when one starts to play the game in the right earnest.


Scary maze game is not something that can be mastered in a couple of days and there have been instances where players have tried their hand at this game for quite a few months only after which they have been able to master it. The different levels are indeed very useful when it comes to graduating and moving up the levels as you are playing the scary maze game. It would be pertinent to point out here that the first two levels of the game are quite easy and as you move up to the third and fourth levels, you are bound to encounter a number of problems. But at the end of it all when you reach the end of the scary maze game there are some pleasant surprises awaiting you.


However when one looks at the beginning of scary maze game not many people would have vouched so much for the progress and growth of it. It started as a simple flash game but today it has become a big craze for thousands of people across the world. If you wish to know more about this famous scary maze game you should certainly spend some time and energy visiting the various websites which share a lot of useful information about the game.

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